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Star Wars: Original Trilogy Graphic Novel


As we’re looking forward to the future of Star Wars now that it’s a part of Disney, let’s continue our look at the best Dark Horse Comics Star Wars graphic novels – either stand alone stories or series published by the company over the last 22 years. Dark Horse has done a phenomenal job with the franchise, and the future will soon see what’s in store for the company and one of the most highly-sought licenses.

Ultimate Star Wars Graphic Novel Library was going to be a limited edition collection of comics collected in 10 hardcover volumes. It was going to published by Hamilton Collections, but was cancelled before it had even begun due to a relative lack of interest/orders . The stories that were going to be collected are all based around the Original Trilogy - beginning with stories from just before and going out to . Randy Stradley posted proposed content of all ten volumes on the Dark Horse Comics message boards.


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