• I’ve owned a pair of Speakerlab 50’s since 96’
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  • Anyone have a pair of Speakerlab S 50's they want to sell
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I am looking to buy a vintage SpeakerLab S50 speaker pair. I'm from Trois-Rivieres, Qc, but I am open to ride to get them up to 500 km...

Hello,I have an original pair of Speakerlab 50's. I purchased this pair of only (75) sets ever produced. All original drivers except for carbon-fiber mids which Speakerlab did for me about 1986, along with a realy nice job of modifiying the speakers to be bi-amped. I found them to be the most awseome speakers I have ever heard so I stored them about 1995 to be brought out at another time. Would be interested in selling. I even have the original Slab receipts and manuals for them. They are blonde w/ original clear Tupperware Nestorovich "Passive Radiator Delta- Hybrid Five" woofer w/built-n sub system. Powered by four Harmon Kardom Citation 16's - These old speakers could blow out a match from across the room!--SCOTT--


Re-cone most 10-inch woofers: $67.50/each ..