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  • So You Want to Be President by Judith St. George E St. George
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So You Want to Be President?


Books and airplanes make a great connection. Ask anyone the question which is the title on the front cover and, I’ll assure you, they’ll most probably say: “Oh yeah, of course I want (or would like to) be an airline pilot. Flying planes is one of the coolest things one could do in this life!” But, it’s important for everyone to understand from the very beginning that So you want to be an Airline Pilot? is not a guide book that one could follow as such and in the end find himself/herself in the cockpit of an airplane, getting ready for take off. The book is a very personal account of how Nicholas Johnstone fulfilled his childhood dream against all the odds. And guess what his childhood dream had been? Yes, you got that one right! To fly airplanes.

With a very inciting title, Nicholas Johnstone’s debut book is about exactly what I’ve written about in this long introduction. So you want to be an Airline Pilot? is a book about the author’s love, or, to be more exact, his obsession with planes and his dream of becoming a pilot. Obviously, having authored an autobiographical work, Nicholas Johnstone is also a lover of letters, and his writing includes the ingredients of a complete bestseller: wit, humour and sarcasm.


So you want to be a police officer

So You Want to Be an Inventor? features some of the world's best-known inventors-Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Eli Whitney-as well as lesser-known geniuses like Georges de Mestral (inventor of Velcro), Wilhelm Roentgen (inventor of X rays), and Hedy Lamarr (inventor of a system that became the basis for satellite communication; who knew?). Whether you're a dreamer or a loner, a copycat or a daredevil, this book might just inspire readers to invent something that could change the world!