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I’m actually quite glad to see Futureshop closed. I stopped going there more than 7 years ago. The commission based sales doesn’t work. Bestbuy proved it. In london whenever i wanted to do a purchase i would go to both locations since they were next to each other and Bestbuy always had the better customer service. Let this be a wake up call to other commission based stores, a sale is a sale no matter how small. Treat your customers equally.

Shops that close on Sundays are usually also closed on public holidays, and other shops tend to have opening hours then like on Sundays. However, on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve almost all shops are closed.


Future Shop stores close across Canada

"Coincidentally I was discussing this subject with my girlfriend, during the extra half an hour it now takes to get to our nearest aquatics store, our local shop having closed down some months ago
We came to the conclusion that changes like this have happened before. I can remember when aquatics stores were common place on the high street, nestled between the news agent and the bamk for instance. Over the years I saw these shops close down and the rise of the aquatics superstore began. Usually situated in garden centres or retail parks these larger outlets offered greater choice and cheaper prices and are pretty much what we are familiar with today. I suppose it was only a matter of time before the face of aquatic retail began to change again.
However it would be a sad day indeed when we had to order our fish online without being able to view them first. The experience of browsing the tanks, quizzing the staff then selecting my fish is not one that I’d be easily parted from and I’m sure enough people feel the same to prevent this from happening. After all if there is a demand for something it will not disappear altogether, we may just have to travel further to get it."