• My friend had sex with her dog?
  • That girl is so f*cking stupid. She has issues. She had sex with her DOG -.- what has this world come to?! ugh smh
  • According to , Bradley told police she
  • According to the complaint, Walters then confessed she'd had sex with other dog, Jake, too, and said she'd done it

Kerry Meets Her Mates.: Puppy Role-play Erotica

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Whalen, 54, and Donald Roy Seigfried, 55, were charged with felony crimes against nature after Whalen's adult son found more than 150 tapes of his mother performing sex acts with her dogs and a blue heeler owned by Seigfried. Seigfried was accused of filming the acts.

London, Feb 16 : A 42-year-old British woman - who is already a grandmother - has been found guilty by a court of having sex with her family dog.


phone, finds video of him having sex with her dog | European News

And there was a young woman in the “East Village” of New York that I knew casually, many years ago. I actually think she had something going with her boxer dog. She supposedly posed nude for people who wanted to photograph a nude, and they paid her for it, but every time her dog got near her he developed a monstrous erection and acted as if he was trying to mount her. I saw this many times, and I dropped her from my list of casual friends because I really thought she was having sex with her dog, which really disgusted me quite a bit. Takes all kinds, it seems. I knew another young woman who revealed that she got orgasms by letting her dog lick her genitals. That may seem bad enough, but penetration with an animal has to be a lot worse. And when I was in the Army I knew a guy from Alabama who confessed that he had sex with hens on his father’s farm. He also told me some of them died later. Geesh! I’ve heard the stories about shepherd’s having favorite sheep in the flock, and knowing what I know now, I believe these things happened.