• Police in Connecticut say a pair of severed human legs have been found near a railroad station in New Haven.
  • This file photo shows Moulton Reservoir Road, the area where a pair of severed legs were found in 2012.
  • DNA testing showed that the severed legs found on July 15 near a train station were those of Ray Roberson.

Seasons Severed Leg


One had seven legs. Its full size eighth leg was under the paper towel at the bottom of the shipping cup. That’s not a major problem. I’ve seen it numerous times before, and a quick search of the term ‘regeneration’ in this blog will take you to numerous accounts and images dealing with partial/complete leg regeneration in Mexican red knee (Brachypelma smithi) and Honduran curly hair (Brachypelma albopilosum) tarantulas.

MILFORD, Conn. — A pair of severed human legs was found near a train station in downtown New Haven on Wednesday, triggering a nationwide review of missing persons cases to identify the victim, police said.


2 Severed Legs, 2 Arms Without Hands Found in Conn.

And what makes the situation even grimmer is that the case of the severed legs is as much of a mystery today as it was when the legs were first found more than a year ago.