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The Secret History of the World


And these are only the errors and misrepresentations I happened to spot because I have a little knowledge of the subjects in question. No doubt there are many more that will be leap out at readers with more expertise, especially in the sections on the Cabala, Hinduism and the French Revolution. Nevertheless, there is to be learned from “The Secret History of the World” — not about the world, certainly, or about its history, but about the things people want to believe and the rationales they invent for doing so.

Unsurprisingly, then, "The Secret History of the World: As Laid Down by the Secret Societies" - another Warren Report that no one asked for - is dreadful. When the book was released in Britain last fall, some reviewers felt it best to hedge their bets against classic British prankishness by insisting that they were still not completely convinced that Mark Booth's effort (published under the pseudonym "Jonathan Black" in England) wasn't an elaborate hoax.


Secret History of The World A wake up book ..

Jonathan Black is the nom de plume of Mark Booth. He was educated at Ipswich School and Oriel College, Oxford, where he studied Philosophy and Theology. He has worked in publishing for over twenty years. The Secret History of the World is the outcome of a lifetime spent reading literature in this area, publishing many of the leading authors in the field and hanging around antiquarian bookshops.