• Ruth Reichl: It’s such a great quote!
  • Ruth Reichl: One of the ways is we start thinking about justice for food workers.
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My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes That Saved My Life


John (Doc) Willoughby was Executive Editor of magazine for nine years during Ruth Reichl’s tenure at the magazine. Today he is Editorial Director for Magazines at Boston Common Press, publisher of and . He also co-authored a monthly column in the New York Dining section for seven years, and for two years wrote their “Power Ingredients” column. John has taught graduate-level courses in food writing at Boston University and the Radcliffe Seminars at Harvard College and together with Chris Schlesinger has written nine cookbooks, including the award-winning and

Ruth Reichl is the bestselling author of the memoirs Tender at the Bone and Comfort Me with Apples and the novel Delicious! She was editor in chief of Gourmet magazine for ten years. She lives in New York City with her husband, son, and two cats.


Ruth Reichl Photo credit: Johnny Louis

Ruth Reichl has been acclaimed for her non-fiction writing. She was a restaurant critic for The New York Times and she penned the best selling memoirs "" and "."

Ruth Reichl Photo credit: Johnny Louis

Ruth Reichl Photo credit: Johnny Louis

Ruth Reichl, former New York Times Restaurant Critic and Editor-in-Chief of the now defunct Gourmet Magazine, wrote “My Kitchen Year” as a way to heal herself through cooking. Photo credit: Mikkel Vang.