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Rose Under Fire


Novel Gossip is a new feature that my good friend Michelle and I started a few months ago. Our inaugural post was We both loved Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein (, ) last year so Rose Under Fire was one of our most anticipated reads this year. Since it’s a book set in a concentration camp, we were pretty sure that it would be heartbreaking and that it would be a good idea to read this together so we can provide moral support as we go along. Click to read our thoughts about this historical fiction novel. While we did our best to refrain from putting in spoilers, it’s pretty hard to have an in depth discussion without going into some of the things that happened within the book. If you’d rather go into Rose Under Fire without prior knowledge of its contents, then feel free to skip our discussion (although we hope you’d drop by after finishing the book).

I personally love learning and reading about WW2 and the Holocaust, yet sometimes the books can be boring and un relatable. This novel however, was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I couldn't stop reading, Rose Under Fire is such a great book that kept me wanting to read more. It is so intriguing and interesting. Though the formatting of her experience told backwards from after she was rescued is a bit confusing, Rose's story really touched my heart. I longed for the characters as much as Rose did when they died. This book is so engaging, I feel like a have also made a connection with the characters as well. The author really helped at making it like was a Ravensbrück prisoner as well. YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!!!


Rose Under Fire | A Mighty Girl

ELIZABETH WEIN was born in New York and grew up in England, Jamaica, and Pennsylvania. She has her pilot's license, and it is her love of flying that partly inspired the idea for both Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire. The author lives in Scotl...