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Nature Sounds Mixer Free


There are so many things to love about Tao Mix, I specially loved the fact that this app runs in the background. I used it to help me fall asleep. It does not appear to use much battery either which is another added bonus. I recommend this app for those who have trouble sleeping, those who practice yoga, and those who love nature sounds or anyone who just wants to have fun. I can honestly say I had about the same amount of fun while using this app as playing a video game. I’ve never seen such a unique app while browsing the Google Play store and this will be my go to app for relaxation all the time. Tao Mix- Relaxing Sound Mixer is available for Android devices 2.3 and up.

Relaxing Sounds Mixer uses sounds that are licensed under the Creative Commons license: Attribution 3.0.
Further and more specific details about the license and the sources used you can find them in the section "Credits" app.Have fun and find your best relaxation experience!NOTE FROM DEVELOPERS : For any bug, malfunction or consideration please send me a bug report or an email before rating low. I'll be glad to answer. Thank you very much.NOTE ABOUT PERMISSIONS
MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS is used to modify app volume
READ_PHONE_STATE is used to mute sounds on incoming calls


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