• Racing Savannah
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  • Racing Savannah is a YA romance with an intriguing setting, class conflict, and a less-than-perfect hero. I liked Jack. Most of the time.
  • With Racing Savannah however things were different, I didn’t find myself as involved with the characters or the gorgeous world Kenneally had cre

Racing Savannah


Racing Savanah is VERY disappointing, especially when it’s compared to Catching Jordan. It’s sad really, especially since I know you were really looking forward to reading this one. :P
Ha ha I have no clue if Jack is hot. His attitude is SO not hot and that’s what really counts in my opinion.
Thanks Angela! (:

I struggled with Racing Savannah a little mostly because I didn’t like Jack. I just never knew what his real intentions were and he came across as such a douche at times. Savannah was a great main character though and like you said, her selflessness and braveness made her likeable.


Racing Savannah by Miranda Kenneally (2013, Paperback)

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