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A Hell of a Dog (Rachel Alexander & Dash Mysteries)


Rachel Walker was born in Boston, December 27, 1745. Born in Boston's North End in December, 1734, Paul Revere was the son of Apollos Rivoire, a French Huguenot immigrant, and Deborah Hichborn, daughter of a local artisan family. Rivoire, who changed his name to Revere some time after immigrating, was a goldsmith, and eventually the head of a large household. Paul Revere was the second of at least nine, possibly as many as twelve children, and the eldest surviving son.

"Falling" In Love Is So Easy... Especially when you allow yourself to be seduced by the melodic soul of Rachel Walker, who just debut her first single "Falling" from her upcoming second album. Freedom Verse Cafe had both the pleasure and honor of interviewing Rachel last year as she released her debut album, Walk With Me. This time, Rachel makes what I am sure will be another smasher for the lovers.


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Rachel Walker Revere, born in Boston in 1745, was the daughter of Richard and Rachel Carlisle Walker. According to Revere family lore, Paul and Rachel met on a Boston street, soon after the death of his first wife, Sarah Orne Revere. With seven children including a dying infant daughter at home, Paul clearly had a practical need to remarry, but in surviving scraps of poetry and family tradition we find evidence of a love match as well; a bond that lasted through forty-one years of marriage. Five months after the death of Sarah, Paul married Rachel in October 1773. By May 1775, she had a six-month old son, Joshua, and six surviving stepchildren to care for, first at home, and then as refugees in the New England countryside. Paul and Rachel Revere would have seven more children, four of whom survived until adulthood, including a son, Joseph Warren Revere who followed his father into the copper rolling business and lived through the Civil War; a daughter, Maria who married Joseph Balestier and ended her days in Singapore, where her husband had served as United States consul; and their youngest child, John (the third son to bear that name), who graduated from Harvard College and became a professor of medicine in Philadelphia and New York. Having outlived all but five of her children and stepchildren, Rachel Revere died in Boston of a "bilious colic" in 1813, at age sixty-eight. Paul Revere died six years later at age eighty-three. They lie together in the Granary Burying Ground in Boston.