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SCT 5015P Livewire TS+ Performance Ford Programmer/Monitor

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His latest project is a race car data logger. It is a box that can take in a number of analogue and digital signals and record them at data rates of up to 20 Hz. It also has the capability to use a 2 Hz or 5 Hz GPS input. The 5Hz has more positional accuracy too. The logger can be connected to the engine monitor so engine data can be logged. All data is stored on a USB key. Analogue signals could be accelerometers, gyros, steering angle, temperature, oil pressure, suspension position, speed. Digital inputs could be lap timer pulse, clutch in/out, brake on/off etc. Only limited by available sensors.

These units daisy chain with serial cables and any data from any of them can be saved on the new race car data logger that is the subject of this string. So if you've got engine temp and revs into the engine monitor you don't need to use up channels in the data logger, the data will port though and be saved onto the USB stick.


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