• How to Promote your eBay Store
  • But there are certain limitation with characters in twitter too, hence read below on how to use twitter to promote your eBay store.
  • 10 Great & Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your eBay Store
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eBay's Secrets Revealed: The Insider's Guide to Advertising, Marketing, and Promoting Your eBay Store - With Little or No Money


• Promote your eBay store logo wherever you can: on a tote bag/T-shirt/bumper sticker. Print business cards, flyers and other professional business collateral and hand these out to prospective customers.

There are myriad venues for you to promote your eBay store inexpensively, so many in fact that the world is literally your stage. To try to take advantage of them all would be overwhelming. Let’s keep it manageable then and talk about a few good ways to promote your eBay store, effectively and on the cheap!


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There are numerous ways to promote your eBay products but among them, social media could be the best possible source to drive in more sales. As eBay is an online shopping platform and auction house, it allows people selling products to the interested consumers. It has been observed that eBay sellers achieve more sales if they promote to the right demographics. Social media is a great way to advertise products as there are millions of shoppers surfing. Check these tips to through social media and increase satisfactory sales. Here, we’ll talk about using just Facebook, YouTube and twitter to promote your eBay store effectively.