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Portuguese Spinner: An American Story


Holds special interest for Portuguese Americans and people of Portuguese ancestry; students of Portuguese language and culture; readers interested in New England or American studies. Personal stories...oral histories, literary contributions...plus journalism reports, sociological information, and folk tales provide a thorough and enjoyable look at the saga of Portuguese migration and culture in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island...where the largest Portuguese population in America resides. Hundreds of photographs portray the magnificent beauty of the Portuguese islands and mainland and take us into the many corners of American life where Luso Americans have left their mark. Together, the words and images of Portuguese Spinner create a beautiful tribute.

Our award-winning book series, Spinner: People and Culture in Southeastern Massachusetts, contains five volumes and the sixth is in the works. We have also published pictorial and cultural works such as Cranberry Harvest: The History of Cranberry Growing in Massachusetts, The Strike of '28 (a history of labor and the textile industry in the region), Not Just Anywhere (New Bedford's struggle to preserve its whaling heritage), This City and Other Poems, A Window Back: Photography in A Whaling Port, The Ed Letters, Brick by Brick: A Woman's Journey, Portuguese Spinner: An American Story, Lincoln Park Remembered: 1894-1987, and Out of the Earth: A Heritage Farm Coast Cookbook.


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