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Practicing Texas Politics (Text Only) 15th edition by Brown, Lyle, Langenegger, Joyce A., Garcia, Sonia R., Lewis, (2012) Paperback

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Text message keywords go alongside with your unique SMS Short Code. Purchasing text message keywords allows you to engage potential voters in your political texting campaign. For example, "Text 'VOTE4ME' to 90123 to opt-in to our political texts." "VOTE4ME" would be the Text Message Keyword.

One 140-character text message is equivalent to one credit. If you need to send out 100,000 political texts then you will need to purchase 100,000 credits.


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To help political campaign managers navigate these new waters, we’ve outlined all of the rules for political campaign text message donations below. Have a question about running your own text-to-donate campaign for a political candidate or committee, .