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The Creative Writing Coursebook: Forty Authors Share Advice and Exercises for Fiction and Poetry


On the flip side, it's got a bit of that one night stand feeling you get from short stories. Just when I'm intrigued and want to know more, it's on to the next poet. It's given me a list of poets to try though, and my favorite poems and authors are listed here so I can reference the next time I'm ready to pick up a volume:

The Poetry Institute of Canada (Victoria, BC, Canada) offers poetry and short story contests for adults and children. Contests exclusively for children and young adults are offered through the Young Writers of Canada Web site. Titles of anthologies can be found through the online bookstores available through the Poetry Institute's main Web site, as well as its Web site for young writers. Both sites note: "Approximately 40% of all poems or stories are not accepted in each of these contests. Poets and authors whose poem or story has not been selected to appear in the anthologies are not obliged to buy the publication." See its for further details.


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