• Peer Pressure during Adolescence
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  • Peer Pressure Among Adolescents
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Peer Pressure (Adventures in Odyssey Life Lessons #5)


This article explores the impact of peer pressure on adolescents. The Gale Encyclopedia of Childhood and Adolescence recognizes that joining cliques, having the desire to join a particular clique and being excluded from cliques are considered a normal part of adolescent development. Yet the same...

The topic of peer pressure is of particular interest to me because peer pressure can lead to harmful effects on an individual and even fatal depending on the outcome. As one progresses through the many stages of development, almost each and every individual will experience peer pressure. In my youth, I’ve always felt pressured to do certain tasks or to “follow the crowd”. I wanted to study and examine the underlying forces that are behind pressure by one’s peers. Not only did I want to investigate important themes of peer pressure; I also wanted to provide information to the reader and to children so that they will not become a victim of negative peer pressure. I feel that peer pressure is a topic that is not taken seriously. I feel that it motivates us to strive for success or failure or hinder good judgment. After gathering enough data on the concept of peer pressure, I want to be able to implement a workshop or intervention that will help adolescents to become aware of peer pressure and how an individual can act in a peer pressured situation. In this paper I’m going to be discussing specific themes relating to peer pressure. These themes include how peers are pressured to join gangs, use alcohol and drugs, and pressures to have sex. Before I discuss these major themes, I will first the address the concept of peer pressure and why adolescents are highly prone. I will also include a hypothetical intervention to deal with peer pressure during adolescence. Peer Pressure


teenagers and Peer Pressure - Causes and Effects