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Custom PC magazine is a must for anyone interested in building or upgrading their own computer. It has detailed, Un biased opinions and reviews and has all the latest and greatest hardware. This magazine is brilliant and will probably be a good investment if you subscribe to this magazine. the last issue i read had a section on how to build faster PC than Dell's XP5 for £275 less including a nice lian li case. The information is extremely useful and has plenty of reviews, mods, games and ways to save money in each monthly issue. The magazine will usually compare a different piece of hardware in each issue for example it might compare 29 different power supplies and give you the best one overall. It is packed with benchmarks and the correct speeds to overclock your computer to. I wanted to buy a new graphics card so i picked this up in my local tesco, after reding just one issue i thought it was brilliant and have subscribed. It was only £30 a year. If you are thinking of buying any new PC component or even an new monitor then you definately need to buy this magazine. overall I would rate it a 9/10 as it has great information, alot of it not even available on the internet, and remember the reviews are from a trusted source. It will also save you alot of money whilst increasing your computers performance.

In every issue of PCWorld you'll get advice and tips on staying secure in the Security Alert section, and news about the latest software bugs and fixes. The Consumer Watch section provides practical shopping and buying advice. The Here's How tips provide hands-on, step-by-step guides to upgrading and troubleshooting your gear. There's one clear choice when it comes to reading about the latest tech products and innovations: PCWorld magazine.


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Maximum PC has provided me with the tools for me to learn how to build computers, how to stay current with the latest technology, and how to troubleshoot most everything related to computers and computer components. If not for Maximum PC Magazine, I would have never successfully built my very first computer project!