• Paul Murray
  • Paul Murray (born 1975) is an , the author of the novels ,  and .
  • Paul Murray PLC School Lane, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, S053 4YN, UK
  • Dr. Paul Murray, MD is board certified in Orthopaedic Surgery.

The Mark and the Void: A Novel


Paul Murray Jr. took over Murray Brothers from his father and uncle in 1969,transforming the company into an independent beer wholesaler worth over $12 million. In1989, the company employed 108 people in Denver and Silverthorne, Colorado., and hadexclusive city-wide distributing rights to Strohs, Pabst, and Old Milwaukee, along withseveral import beers, including Corona and Grolsch.

Like his company, Paul Murray was successful and well-known. He had earned himselfrecognition in Denver as an upstanding citizen. He sat on the Mayor’s Anti-CrimeCouncil and was lauded as a likely mayoral candidate. A devout Irish Catholic, Murray andhis wife Colleen had eight beautiful children. Murray "symbolized success in hisparish and his city for years," said his priest. He regularly contributed to an arrayof charities, put ex-convicts to work, and helped rebuild Machbeuf high school. Murray wasa graduate of Regis College in Denver and the Harvard Business School. In 1975, he waselected as chair of the board of the Colorado Beer Distributors’ Association. For aslong as anyone could remember, he had owned 44 Denver Broncos season tickets. He took 43friends and family members to each game.


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“He really does die. It's in the opening scene. But as Paul Murray's novel backtracks to explain what brought about his death, Skippy is so desperately, painfully alive that you hope the mere act of reading about him will save him . . . Murray balances . . . forces in finely tuned chords of pathos and comedy, a virtuosic display you'd expect from a writer with the confidence to kill of his title character in the title.” —Radhika Jones,