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So how thin would a piece of paper folded 42 times actually be and would it be visible to the naked eye (or even under a standard microscope)…. or rather how big would it have to be to be visible to the naked eye?

If I fold it a third time, I’ll see that it’s 8 pages thick. Can you see a pattern here? Paper folding is exponential, so that if I fold it a fourth time, it’ll be 16 pages thick (so that option is clearly wrong), a fifth time will give me 32 pages thick, and so on. By time I get to 9 foldings, my folded paper is bigger than my original ream of 500 sheets. By time I get to 20 foldings, my folded paper is more than 10 kilometers high, which surpasses Mt. Everest. 41 foldings will get me slightly more than halfway to the Moon, so that means that 42 foldings is all it takes!


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Origami (折り紙) is the Japanese art of folding paper. It is one of the purest and simplest art forms–it requires only a piece of paper and folding techniques. Origami became hugely popular as knowledge of it spread around the world.
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