• Also, this is the second book I've by this author that leaves the story right in the middle so that you have to buy another book.
  • Let Scripture be first and most in your hearts and hands and other books be used as subservient to it.

The Other Side Of Someday


I first fell in love with Kelley Armstrong through Industrial Magic and Dime Store Magic, her novels featuring Paige Winterbourne. Paige was capable, strong, wielded magic and didn’t need leather to save the day. Don’t get me wrong, Armstrong is a fabulous writer and her Women of the Otherworld series is unique and engaging; but even as Paige led me to other books in the series, I found that I missed Paige, her voice and her life with Lucas and S

When it was announced that Jo Rowling was coming out with a new book, comparisons with the Harry Potter series were inevitable. No matter how many times, and in how many interviews, Jo insisted over and over again that 'THIS IS NOT A HARRY POTTER BOOK NOR IS IT ANYTHING LIKE IT', a small part inside every fan, desperate for another book in the series (understandably), hoped for it anyway.


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I think I like this book a bit more compared to All The Bright Places but I read it in like March last year so who knows? I might be rereading that before the movie comes out! Overall, it's a light and quick read, and please pick this book if you enjoyed reading All The Bright Places/ other books that are related to mental illness, I guess? :)