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Thus, projects demand both mechanic and organic paradigms, both order and chaos; in other words, the management of projects faces different challenges and requires organizations with different degrees of flexibility.
This paradox is especially pronounced in multi-project companies – companies such as software development, engineering consulting, plant engineering companies, civil engineering, event management. These companies have projects as their main function and source of turnover. Consequently, these companies deal with the different types and intensities of complexity in projects, as well as among different types of projects in the company’s portfolio, between projects and supporting functions, as well as among subsidiaries, acquired and merged companies, and relevant project partners. Such heterogeneity demands structures with different degrees of flexibility.

FLOW MPM helps multi project organizations to balance between order and chaos. While developing and executing the projectplan we are aware in which phase you are in and deal with the uncertainty coming from the edge of chaos and strive for balance between order and chaos.


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