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One Planet: Inspirational Travel Photography from Around the World


Ten dollars per carton is paid to your store upon receipt of each shipment. Each shipment must be labeled with the One Planet Books shipping labels, which we provide. Payment is subject to restrictions on materials that cannot be accepted. All payments will be made to the bookstore, using the “Pay To” information on record for the account.

"One Planet Books helps support our store’s youth and literacy program through which we hold six children’s events each year including story time and character breakfasts. The additional funds allow us to continue to offer quality activities even with our tightened budget." -Terri Hudson, director of Ashland University Bookstore


One Planet Living | Bioregional

I am not a walking library of Lonely Planet books. I’m reasonably well traveled, but I’ve never been to Africa, Australia or South America. I’ve been to about half the states, but as much as I love the West, I still haven’t explored Utah, Oregon, Nevada or Arizona. My exposure to Idaho is really limited, too.