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After months of waiting, we've finally gotten our weekly dose of Starz's biggest hunk Omari Hardwick back in our lives thanks to the return of his hit series "Power."

Starz's Power is dark, gritty and pretty heavy at times, but there's been one constant to lighten things up: the vibrant jackets! The drama, currently in its second season, stars Omari Hardwick as a nightclub owner who doubles as a drug kingpin to el…


Omari Hardwick, The Wrap, July 15, 2015

Omari Hardwick - The "Kick-Ass" Interview
with Kam Williams

Kam Williams: Hey, Omari, nice to meet you, and thanks for the time.

Omari Hardwick: same here.

KW: What interested you in doing Kick-Ass, such a controversial film?

OH: It was the controversy itself which interested me. I already was a fan of [director] Matthew Vaughn from his collaborations with Guy Ritchie on snatch and Lock, stock, and Two smoking Barrels. I met with him early on in the process and appreciated his creative vision. My interest definitely revolved around how an 11 year-old girl would be a superhero and potentially train my character in the sequel. so, of course, I salivated at the opportunity. It was definitely a bold pick, but I had a lot of fun working with a young genius in [co-star] Chloe Moretz. Plus, she s from Georgia, I'm from Georgia, so everything lined up.

KW: What was your main challenge in doing this film, the action sequences?

OH: I wouldn't say it was the physicality, having come to acting from the world of sports. The main challenge was just the scheduling, really, because my TV show, Dark Blue was taking off at the same time, and this was being shot in London for the most part, and then also in Toronto. There was a lot of travel involved and scheduling conflicts, but I had to do it, so I figured a way to get it done.

KW: Were you surprised when the picture was #1 at the box office? I loved it, and said in my review that it s the best comic book adaptation since The Dark Knight. It s also the best blockbuster I've seen this year so far.

OH: Man, that s very humbling for me to hear you say that, Kam. I knew that it would do well, but I didn't expect this kind of initial reaction. It s definitely the Pulp Fiction of its day, only with kids.