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  • I paid for the sins of my father
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My Father's Dragon


"Sins of My Father" received universal acclaim from music critics. Nathan S. of DJBooth called the "openly autobiographical" song the most affecting track he has "done in years". He concluded by stating: "I can't think of any other artist of Usher's status who would tie his cheating ways to an absent father, and for that he deserves some applause". Eric Arredondo of Beats Per Minute stated that in "Sins of My Father", Usher shows "more bite in his voice" than he has ever heard before, and that "it helps to make a song that is both fun and slightly sinister". Natalie Shaw of called "Sins of My Father" outstanding, commenting that Usher's "slink here sounds sinister, for the first time, fearing he'll fall under a demon woman's deathly voodoo while slack, deep beats play out".

Lyrically, "Sins of My Father" is about being a "tortured soul" in a "volatile" relationship. Trent Fitzgerald of PopCrush hinted at Foster to be the bases of the song. The narrator "believes that his bad relationship is karma for his father being a rolling stone." "Sins of My Father" begins with Usher gasping "My sons, Keep them ... please forgive me." Unterberger of Popdust concluded that the track gets more intense, as Usher sings in the song’s opening verse: "I think this woman went and put a hex on me / Oh now, why’d I let her go and put that sex on me?". The pre-chorus features Usher yelping in falsetto: "But she didn’t make me pay for it with my money! / OWWWW!!!". According to Erika Ramirez of magazine, "Usher soulfully pays for his father's promiscuous ways over melodic soundcapes".


The Death of My Father - The New Yorker

For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who looks on the Son and believes in him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day.”