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That Was Then... This Is Now


What a horrible things happened….? Center Lock Got problem after few days drived, Air Cond Blower Got Sound after driving 2 weeks, Power Windows Got Sound After 2 months using…..!!! Drive 110km/h, rpm ride to 3500rpm, corner not stable….wat the "fxxk"!!! Damn regret to buy the car!!!! Now wanna sell it….second hand car price drop like hell….keep driving then will suffer for maintenance!!! Lucky still have 5 years warranty….But After 5 years….maintenance fees will very the "high" cause u dunno wat will spoil at next!!! So now….for who wanna buy this kind of car…think twice!!!! I am a very good example!! Since is installment why not by a better which even more expensive but still valueable for next few years!!! So, after this car…i will never and ever choose local car to buy!!! Not said i not support local car…i jus dun wan to suffer myself goin to do such unnessery maintenance for it!!! Hope my info can help u all!!!!

It’s complicated, but I think it’s close.
I had a plan, but now I don’t know. We have to see how this plays out. As I said before, I should know in September – the first week of September.


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