• Barnes & Noble’s New Nook eReader
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NOOK Simple Touch

Too low to display

While the Nook eReader does things very differently than its nearest competitor, the Kindle, it does one thing quite the same: it comes with a monochrome eInk display that is capable of display 16 levels of gray. The inclusion of this display is largely due to just how easy it is on the eyes, and how well it displays the pages of a book without requiring squinting or headaches on behalf of those doing the reading. The eInk display can be easily seen in all levels of sunlight or ambient light, and is incredibly easy to read.

An eReader like the Nook reader needs to be able to support a wide range of formats so that users can, well, read a lot of documents on it. Unfortunately, the Nook only supports EPUB and PDF files. While those file formats cover a good number of digital publications, they won't help users who are trying to read typical TXT files on the eInk display, or read documents saved in Microsoft's DOC format on the road. Its image support is robust, just like many competing eReaders on the market.


In-depth walk around the Barnes & Noble Nook ebook reader.

The previous Nook ereaders were all about bringing innovation and new features to the forefront of ereaders. The new Nook GlowLight, however, doesn’t do any of that. It offers nothing new whatsoever and feels more like an obligatory release with no real sense of purpose behind it.