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  • Apple's News app could be a game-changer. The New York Times isn't taking any chances.
  • It's not much to look at, but here's what the "ad" looked like in the New York Times today:
  • The New York Times perplexed readers this...

Passport to adventure, or, How a typewriter from Santa led to an exciting lifetime journey: A memoir

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Do you work the New York Times crossword puzzle every day? Have you tapped into an online program for mental gymnastics? Brushed your teeth with yo...

What you’ve seemed to overlook is that it is also a matter of public interest that we use all means available – lawfully and responsibly – to help protect the American people from the deadly threats of terrorists. I am deeply disappointed in the New York Times.


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For nearly a century, The New York Times had been using Cheltenham in conjunction with at least five other typefaces (including , , , and ) for front page headlines. According to The New York Times, the variety was common for newspapers in the early 20th century because of the cost of stocking full ranges of metal type within a family.