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  • Share the post "Top 20 Amazing National Geographic Magazine Cover Pictures"
  • Cover of the National Geographic Magazine, June 1985. The covers of this magazine are characterized by its large main picture and yellow edges.


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National Geographic magazine begins a yearlong series profiling men and women who press the limits in the name of exploration, even when it puts them in jeopardy. An extreme kayaker, a snake hunter and a war zone doctor are just three of the brave individuals who have felt compelled to seek out and embrace the unknown, redefining the concept of an explorer for the 21st century.

National Geographic magazine is the official journal of the National Geographic Society, one of the world’s largest nonprofit education and scientific organizations. Published in English and 37 local-language editions, the magazine has a global circulation of around 8 million. It is sent out each month to National Geographic members and is available on newsstands for $5.99 a copy. Single copies can be ordered by calling (800) NGS-LINE, also the number to call for membership to the Society.


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National Geographic Kids is published ten times a year by the National Geographic Society, a brand trusted by parents and educators. National Geographic Kids magazine’s numerous honors include the Association of Educational Publishers’ Periodical of the Year and a Golden Lamp Award, Parents Choice Gold and Silver Awards, a Parent’s Guide Children’s Media Award, the Folio Editorial Excellence Award, and an Ozzie Award for Design Excellence.