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Naruto: Sakura's Story


Sakura joined the rest of the village in welcoming Naruto back from his meeting with Pain. First she punched him, but then tearfully hugged and thanked him. She later told him about Tsunade going into a coma, and that neither she nor could do anything for her. She tried to cheer him up, but her effort was interrupted by the arrival of Kiba. told them that has replaced Tsunade as and that he has ordered Sasuke to be executed as a . Naruto and Sakura, hoping they might be able to convince Danzō to change his mind, asked Sai about him. Sai is unable to tell them anything, but their questioning attracted the attention of and . The ninja informed them of Sasuke's crimes and demand any information they may have on Sasuke. Seeing how upset this made Sakura, Naruto volunteered to tell them for her the information they wanted to know about Sasuke.

yes, sakura can be a bitch, but that's her personality. naruto and sakura have been through A LOT together lately. they've grown really close. she's obviously going to fall in love with naruto, she just can't realize it because of sasuke. i mean think about it. she was in love with sasuke, it's hard to just stop having feelings for someone that you once loved so much. naruto has always been there for sakura. he loves her so much. he's loved her since day one. sadly, he's shown no feelings for hinata. i honestly would like naruto and hinata to be together but from all the facts i've gathered, i see narusaku more possible. especially when kushina told naruto to find a girl like her. even minato thought sakura was naruto's girlfriend...


Naruto and Sakura III by Maganius on DeviantArt

hires Team 7 to gather the last paw on her Paw Encyclopaedia. After infiltrating the cat fortress, Sasuke and Sakura split in two teams to find faster. Sakura then goes to a bar in order to find information about Nekomata. Nekomata and Sasuke then started to fight, just when Nekomata was about to crush Sasuke with his paw Sasuke is saved by Naruto and Sakura who managed to find Sasuke in time. Sasuke revealed that he didn't need to be saved and he activated on the roof that fell on Nekomata. Once Nekomata fainted Team 7 printed his paw and took it back to Nekobaa, completing their mission. Sakura is seen along with Naruto and Sasuke spying on Kakashi and . When Naruto causes a branch of a tree they are leaning on to break, the three fall onto Kakashi and Hanare, causing them to accidentally kiss. Later, after cornering him, the presumably committed suicide right in front of Team 7. After seeing Naruto in the village, she scolded him for missing the day's practice and warned him that she would tell Kakashi if he missed another one. When she was about to leave, Naruto asks her if she knew anyone named . She later says that she remembers when she went to visit someone in the hospital, there was a patient in the very back room named Kisuke Maboroshi. While on a mission to retrieve a golden statue that was stolen by and his group of bandits, she gets taken as hostage. At the end of the mission, Naruto and Sasuke retrieve the statue, defeat the bandits, and save her. Team Kakashi, along with , go off on a mission where they must save a 's from a gang boss named . She is later seen with the rest of the groups following the mission's completion. Tsunade assigns Sakura and Naruto to escort to the Shizume village. Along the way, they encounter the criminal, . Naruto uses his shadow clones to defeat the group, but has trouble defeating Sadai. After being captured, Sasuke arrives and defeats Sadai, but continues to beat him mercilessly, much to Naho's horror, but was then reassured by Naruto that Sasuke was just going through a rough time, and that he will bring him to her as soon as he returns to his former self.