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The Mysterous Island

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International visual effects company Pixomondo recently completed 81 visual effects shots for the 3D adventure film Journey 2: The Mysterious Island from New Line Cinema, Contrafilm Production and Warner Bros. Pictures. A follow-up to Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, much of the action-packed adventure takes place on a strange island in the middle of nowhere packed with extraordinary life forms, mountains of gold, deadly volcanoes, and more. Pixomondo was one of seven vendors who contributed to the 430 total VFX shots in the film, with five of Pixomondo’s 11 global facilities working on the project.

I first viewed Mysterious Island in a real theater, not a multi-plex. Nothing like a really big screen for movie presentations. While I enjoyed the film...


Title: Mysterious Island (1961)

Mysterious Island never goes overboard with audio effects, keeping the mix faithful with just a light layer of pizazz. Rain dominates the opening battle scenes, dropping into the surrounds for a little spacious energy. Explosions from the volcano will catch enough of the subwoofer to at least make it felt, energizing the exciting finale. Those concerned about the purist approach can take part in the original mono track, also offered.