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  • This is from the anime "My Little Monster." The boy in the gif is Haru Yoshida.

My Little Monster 1


being an otaku, i hate to admit it but it’s true that there are many disgusting anime and shoujo manga out there…
and we really shouldn’t jump at everything! my personal opinion is that My Little Monster isn’t one such show.. my personal opinion..
because when we are listening to critics we should be open to both the pros and cons of the show.. when we are accepting the cons they tell, we should be able to accept the good things they say about the show too.. that what critics are for.. they provide both the judgements.. target viewers accepting only one deprives the show of a fair and honest chance…

I Personally think out of all the fall anime that came out then, My Little Monster was the best of them all, Every time I watched one episode, I was biting my nails for the next one to come out. This show deserves Academy Awards. The protagonist`s in this story were simply beautiful, hilarious,and vivid characters. The only thing I could dream of is a second season. Thank you so much for making the best romantic comedy out of the seven years I`ve been watching anime. NOW MAKE THE SECOND SEASON DAMMIT.


My Little Monster (TV Series 2012– ) - IMDb

My Little Monster is an animated television series that focuses on a romance between a quiet, shy girl and wild boy. Mizutani is a smart girl and who is focused solely on her studies and doing well in school. One day, she is on a delivery and meets Yoshida. Yoshida used to go to school with Mizutani but he was expelled on the first day because he got into a fist fight. Yoshida instantly falls in love with Mizutani.