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Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA


So, last year when we were celebrating the 25th anniversary of Wildland Adventures, together with Anne Kutay, my partner and Vice-President of the company, we decided to lead a group of travelers back to Turkey to explore my family roots including an attempt to visit the 'Abud Efendi yali' (old Ottoman family home) my dad was born in on the Bosporus in Istanbul. We had a family reunion in when I was in high school with four generations of women present: my great aunt Belkis Halla (a notorious Turkish socialite), my grandmother Babaanne, my mother Katherine Kutay, and my sister Jale Kutay.

My love and passion for history is what peaked my interest in Genealogy. I originally started researching my family roots around 1999-2000. I am captivated by the thought of knowing my family’s history and I also hope to uncover my ancestors untold stories and understand their lives. I have dabbled in and out of genealogy over the years, but have recently become rejuvenated with researching my family ancestry once again, so much that I decided to start a website My Genealogy Quest for Jackson-Ketchum family history to share my experiences along the way in hopes of connecting with other researchers and possibly many new cousins.


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