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My Dream Duets


Yes, the sexiest man on the small screen has bid “adieu” and moved on to new adventures–seemingly private ones that I will not be able to comment on. Upon learning about this horrifying news, my first reaction was to sob hysterically, but my laptop got wet and, quite frankly, I was petrified of electrocuting myself. Where on earth would I find fodder to flog on my blog? Hey, that rhymes. And, of even greater concern, I was going to have to give up my Barry addiction cold turkey.

Thank you so much for stopping by Amy Barry Photography! This website is for allof you to get to know who I am and see some of my previous work. Feel free to lookthrough the gallery and get familiar with my style, and then head on over to the blogto get a peek into my most recent work and my life. Comments are welcomed andappreciated, and I hope you’ll come back again soon!


The album reached Platinum status