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Motorcycle luggage has certainly evolved, especially in the direction of versatility. If you’re like me, you never seem to have enough packing space on tour, and then when you’ve packed it—good luck in finding it. Or you’re worried about your bag coming loose and scattering your unmentionables over three counties. If these scenarios concern you, and you ride a cruiser, the Mustang Road Companion Bag could be the answer to your prayers.

I have a Mustang Road Companion bag and it's big; and it sits tied down to the Stealth rack and the backrest just fine. You really don't need much of a platform when tying off to the backrest. Not trying to sell you anything, but if you like the looks of the Stealth 2-up rack then get one - it works. And I think they're the best looking rack for a Street Glide. FWIW.


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