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Mudras for Women: 25 Simple Hand Gestures Every Woman Should Know for attaining a Healthy Body, Beautiful Skin, Supercharged Sex Drive and Enhanced Vitality (Mudra Healing) (Volume 12)


Balancing this chakra will send energy and balance to the other chakras both below and above it. Using this mudra to heal your sacral chakra will provide emotional balance and stability. Your sensitivities to others and yourself will sharpen and you will notice a much higher capacity in yourself for empathy. The Hakini Mudra will help you to feel more self-assured and in control of yourself.

The innate healing power of hands and the 10 fingers are explained in the Atharva Veda. This power can be easily fortified by the practice of special gestures formed by varying the position of the fingers through mudras. Mudras heal by activating both the meridians [nadis] as well as the chakras [energy centres] – in more ways than one.


Three Special Mudras in Health Care