• "The Montauk Monster"
  • This week, reports of another Montauk Monster are circulating the web.
  • So what is the Montauk monster?
  • Check out my previous Montauk Monster article .

The Montauk Monster


Just watched the Nat Geo Wild piece on the Montauk Monster, which ended with the conclusion that the monster is a racoon.
If that’s a racoon then I don’t know what a horse looks like. It surely doesn’t look like anything I have ever seen and I live on the Eastern end
of Long Island.
Will we ever be able to identify the Montauk Monster?????

A lot of the Montauk Monster photos look like it most likely would be a Decaying Pinaped, Pinipeds are all sea animals that are of the seal and sealion family. but most likely it also looks like Decaying Dogs to me. I still can’t discredit the fact that any one can take pictures of decaying pinepeds or dogs and just photoshop them to trick the untrained eye of the gulible public.


to vote on what you think the Montauk Monster really is.

Did the being bred on Plum Island lose another experimental "marine?" Or did the Montauk Monster simply move from one side of Long Island to the other via an overflowing drainage system? The North Shore Sun of a dead creature that supposedly looked like Monty and that was seen by…