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There are many places to find modern classic sports cars, from using the old-fashion method and searching through your local paper's classifieds to checking local used dealership lots. However, the best methods to find these distinctive vehicles is by searching online with eBay, joining collector clubs or checking out classic car auctions, dealerships and private sellers.

The worth of any collector vehicle is really only determined by the price a buyer is willing to pay. Certain aspects of a niche vehicle, like the first production vehicle to roll off the assembly line or an untitled mint condition model, may inflate the value to some collectors. If collectors are looking to buy a modern classic sports car for investment purposes, it would be wise to consider the five examples above and carefully factor the depreciation rate that each vehicle experienced. While it is true that real classic vehicles appreciate over time, the amount of time it takes to actualize that return on the investment may not be practical. True classics are often not recognized as such for several decades. When buying any modern sports car instant classic, consumers are encouraged to buy it because they like it and want to own it; not because they expect to make money by reselling the vehicle in the next fifteen to twenty years.


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