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The Reformation in National Context


Joseph Needham (Editor científico y prologuista). Autores: Robert Hill, Malcolm Dixon, E. F. Gale, Kendal Dixon, F. G. Young, Leslie J. Harris, Mikulás Teich y Sir Rudolph Peters.

Phyllis Deane: Die Industrielle Revolution in Großbritannien, in: Roy Porter, Mikulás Teich (Hg.), Die industrielle Revolution in England, Deutschland, Italien, S. 49, Berlin 1988


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In Germany beer is not a luxury food but a staple. So it is often said, usually half jokingly, but this was indeed true for German day laborers and craftsmen at least until the middle of the nineteenth century and probably longer. It comes as no surprise that at the beginning of the twentieth century "liquid bread" was one of the most important industrially produced mass-consumption goods in Germany. The value of German beer production in 1910 amounted to a billion marks, equal to the value of hard coal or the whole iron and steel industry. As Mikulás Teich argues in , however, the economic and political importance of the brewing industry is widely underestimated. In studies of German industrialization, the dominant roles are given to iron and steel, [End Page 626] chemicals, and electricity. It is Teich's aim provide redress by "giving the brewing industry its due place in the industrial development of Germany" (p. 343); he thus focuses mainly on the scientific and technical aspects of industrialization.