• Mickey Rourke as "Randy "the Ram" Robinson"
  • Mickey Rourke’s admitted plastic surgery procedures have been on his face.
  • This is an intriguing video showing the many changing faces of Mickey Rourke over the years.
  • Here’s a video summary of what has happened to Mickey Rourke and why he needed surgery.

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Too low to display

It can sometimes be hard to separate the admitted surgery from the rumored surgery, especially with a plastic surgery celebrity like Mickey Rourke, but he’s only really admitted to having the reconstructive surgery on his cheek and nose, which he talked about in an interview with Britain’s .

We all know that was a genuine success, but Mickey Rourke's comeback wouldn't be sealed until 2008, when he played the destitute title character in . An Oscar nomination followed, breathing new life and appreciation into a career that many people had all but written off.


This is a filmography of Mickey Rourke

These days, his voice is filled with gravel and his good looks are gone (thanks to a botched plastic surgery), but Mickey Rourke movies are just as entertaining as ever. In fact, they may be even more powerful than before, because Rourke has the age and experience to pull off characters who’ve been to hell and back.