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Over the next several years, MGM launched a number of initiatives in distribution and the use of new technology and media as well as joint ventures to promote and sell its products. In April 2007, it was announced that MGM movies would be able to be downloaded through Apple's service, with MGM bringing an estimated 100 of its existing movies to iTunes service, the California-based computer company revealed. The list of movies included the likes of modern features such as , , and , along with more golden-era classics such as and . In October, the company launched on , offering a library of movies formatted in Hi Def. Also in 2007, MGM sold its distribution rights for countries outside of the United States to . MGM teamed up with to launch a new channel titled on November 1, 2008. On August 12, 2008, MGM teamed up with to launch a new video-on-demand network titled Impact. On November 10, 2008, MGM announced that it will release full-length films on .

A different logo, a circular still graphic image of a lion known as "The Stylized Lion", appeared on three films in the 1960s: (1966), (1968), and (1968). Leo was reintroduced after this logo was discontinued. The Stylized Lion, however, was retained by the division and was also used as a secondary logo on MGM film posters, in addition to being shown at the end of credit rolls following most MGM movie releases of this period. It was later used by the casinos. (A refined version of it is used as the logo for their parent company, .)



Prior to 2003, its headquarters had been in the Colorado Center in , occupying at least 150,000 square feet (14,000 m2) of space there. In 2000 MGM announced that it was moving its headquarters to a new building in that was to be the first high-rise in to be completed in the 21st century. Upon the company's agreement to be its lead tenant halfway through the design building process, the structure became identified as the , opening in 2003. When MGM moved into the lavishly appointed spaces devised by , former chairperson and chief executive of MGM, Roger Vincent and Claudia Eller observed in the that "Yemenidjian spared no expense in building out the studio's space with such -style flourishes as towering marble pillars and a grand spiral staircase lined with a wall of awards."