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  • To maximize your medical speech to text, maximize the use of your microphone by understanding it’s capabilities.
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Dragon Medical Practice Edition, No. 2 with Powermic II


Our medical speech to text is specialty specific and adapts to your accent and speaking patterns to transcribe your words accurately into your clinical notes.

Real time medical speech to text on an iPad.

As a doctor talks, the speech to text module learns better and better over what a doctor is saying. We learn about the doctors inflection and learn how the doctor speaks.

Drchrono gives physicians a free EHR / EMR platform with a focus on iPad.


Medical Transcription, Speech to Text, Voice to Text

Let me just start off saying the mic in the medical field is a critical tool in a physicians tool box. Recording video, audio, talking into a device for medical speech to text is becoming more and more important as physicians move about.