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Kalanidhi Maran founded Sun TV when regional satellite TV was an idea waiting to be executed, and quickly jumped into cable when it became evident that carriage was crucial. Once he was in carriage and also in politics, the family wasn’t going to let propriety stop them from leveraging one for the other, so Sumangali became a powerful political tool. And once you are in media with an appetite, you don’t stop at one kind of media. If politics opens up other possibilities, you grab them. Conflict of interest is such a stuffy notion, no one — neither the giver of ministries (the UPA) nor the seeker (the DMK) — was going to let it come in the way of a pragmatic partnership. As one said before, media morality and media power begin to diverge when the stakes are big. So you go from TV to cable, to radio, to newspapers, to film production and DTH till your founder has a net worth of $3.5 billion. A bigger canvas requires more investors and if you have to make some not-so-nice moves to get them, you make those moves.

This book also provides a guided tour of the major debates in media studies. What part did the media play in the making of modern society? How did 'new media' change society in the past? Will radical media research recover from its mid-life crisis? Is public service television the dying product of the nation in an age of globalization?Media and Powerprovides both a clear introduction to media research and an innovative analysis of media power.


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