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After the build, you will be ready to work with your particular application main driver, and you just need to link to the libraries. Sample main driversand makefiles are in the "mc/examples/*" subdirectories. Things are setup for you to work completely in one of those directories. Of course, all you reallyhave to do is link to the MC libraries, so you can use it how you like; themakefiles and drivers in "mc/examples/*" just provide an example of how to getMC working correctly. I actually develop and use MC by working mainly fromone of those subdirectories.

Once the build completes via the configure/make procedure above with noerrors, you will want to cd into an example directory to get started, e.g."cd examples/generic" (or "cd mc/examples/generic"). In the exampledirectories you will find:The "main.c" example uses MC's builtin-lexer/parser to parse commands in aninterpreted interactive session I call the "MCshell", or "mcsh". You willwant to start with mcsh by typing "./mcsh", which will fire up a shell thatlooks and feels like bash (a bourne-compatible command shell). Type "help"at the command prompt for help.


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