• Despite the issues, , Master P’s Family Empire, is set to premiere Nov. 28 on Reelz.
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Best Of Master P [Explicit]

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The time that Master P spent in the music industry earned him $500 million. He felt truly blessed because of the money that he made. But, the content of his music caused many people to become offended with him. Starting in 2007, P decided to change his style. He released his final album, which featured no foul language and was positive. This sudden switch led to some criticisms from other rappers, but Master P went about his business.

Now that he is done with music, P wants to live out his dreams. For the past eight years, he has had the vision of creating a television network to rival BET. Master P first changed his name from Master P to P. Miller. With a new name come a new mission and a new attitude. Because of this sudden change, Miller wanted to create a positive television network for the black community. He began making moves during the summer of 2008.



that’s da whole essence of Hiphop,50’s initial statement was right,MASTER P was also ryt n 50 decided 2 respect whch was good too.i respect dem both niggaz!!!!!!