• Mark of the Vampire
  • Bela Lugosi, Carroll Borland and Elizabeth Allan from Mark of the Vampire.
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Hollywood's Legends of Horror Collection (Doctor X / The Return of Doctor X / Mad Love / The Devil Doll / Mark of the Vampire / The Mask of Fu Manchu)


Mark of the Vampire is just a great looking fun movie. It's a fast paced movie that's all over the place. Todd Browning's look of the film is impressive compared to DRACULA, even though the two films are similar. I love the fact that it even has real bats used in it. The fact that Mark of the Vampire is that remake of LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT makes it a stand. This maybe is the closest us horror fans will get to a complete look at LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT. I love the look and style of this moive still to this day. It's the best and I've got the tattoo to prove it

In 1935, Browning requested to remake Midnight as Mark of the Vampire, starring Lionel Barrymore, Bela Lugosi, Lionel Atwill and Carol Borland. Browning’s status at MGM was sensitive at best, even though he was still under Thalberg’s protection. Neither Mayer nor the studio had forgiven Browning for Freaks (1932) and his salary for Mark was cut to half of its former amount, which he humbly accepted. Thalberg’s protective umbrella vanished when the producer died prematurely, shortly after the release of Browning’s The Devil Doll (1936).


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Let me just say first off, that many of the reviews you’ll read for this film talk about how the trick ending ruins the film. I used to agree with this school of thought, but after I watched this film again I changed my mind. I’m getting ahead of myself, let me give you my review first. I really like Mark of the Vampire (MGM, 1935). It’s one of my favorite "vampire" movies.