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  • I have a map journal, but this hand-bound one is so pretty!! I love the photographs.
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In this tutorial you'll use our interactive Story Map Journal℠ builder to author your journal entries, which we call sections. For each section you'll specify the web map, image, video or other web content that you want your Map Journal to display when your users reach that section, and how you want that content to be displayed.

For example, you might choose to display the same web map throughout your Map Journal, and have each section automatically zoom to a different area on that map. Or you may author your Map Journal so that it takes your users through multiple web maps, and associated images and videos, as they read through the sections. Lots of different combinations are possible.


Story Map Journal Tutorial | Story Maps

What a wonderful idea! I can’t wait to see the following posts. I think I’ll have to give the Map travel journal a try, it looks like such an interesting and succinct way to portray my travels!