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  • Male Chastity Belt & Anal Plug vibrating
  • Male Chastity Belt & Anal Plug vibrating

The Chastity Belt (Chaste Forever Book 1)

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Customers who have purchased our male chastity belt products in cases of infidelity finds chastity play has helped bring trust back into sometimes even troubled relationship. It can bring a sense of security to any couple in need of additional trust and control especially in cases of infidelity or as simple as attending a bachelors party.

The male chastity belt has been the subject of much of my fantasies. I've been intrigued with the sexual power implications of having my genitals toyed with, yet out of reach, and under lock and key. The thought of having my penis LOCKED up by a secure device, and my not being able to touch myself or masturbate is highly erotic.


Male Chastity Belt - How to assemble a CB3000