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Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion

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Madea (Tyler Perry) and Nikki (Keke Palmer) in a scene from Tyler Perrys MADEAs FAMILY REUNION - The Movie. To think that the whole Madea role became his because an actress didn't show up for work one day, Wow! I love watching his plays on DVD, bought legally from Walmart mind you. He has such energy, and has a good time. Just fun!

Overtime, Shirley’s condition worsens greatly and she goes to the hospital; she tells Byron (who left his corner after learning of Shirley's hospitalization), Tammy, Harold, and Calvin, who arrive to see her, that she loves them all, including Kimberly who isn’t present, and she dies. After Shirley's funeral service, Madea confronts the family, saying that Shirley was a peaceful woman and she didn't want all the fighting going on.


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